Vision 2020 is Loma Linda University Health’s campaign for a whole tomorrow. Help us meet your community’s health needs for future generations. 

How Your Gift Helps 

Your gift to Vision 2020 helps us reach important goals in four pillar areas.

Clinical Care

We’re expanding your local children’s hospital, building a new adult hospital tower and enhancing building safety technology. These things are only made possible by your support. 


Today’s health sciences students are tomorrow’s medical professionals. Your donations help our eight schools equip future healthcare providers with knowledge and compassion.    


Our research has transformed the way medical discoveries are made. From organ transplants to proton therapy, we’ve made historic breakthroughs. With your help, our work continues.   


This is where whole person care began. With your help, it continues to thrive. Help us create treatment environments where physical, mental and spiritual health are nurtured. 

Support Vision 2020 

By supporting Vision 2020, you can ensure a healthier tomorrow for yourself, your family and your community. Your gifts are an investment in the future.  

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“I think it’s imperative to continue to invest in Loma Linda, because our children’s future depends on it. It’s hard to envision what that would look like — but for me, it means my son.”