OPTIFAST serves as a meal replacement plan designed to help individuals lose a significant amount of weight over a relatively short period of time. It’s safe, effective and affordable.

How Does it Work?

You will begin by eating four OPTIFAST meal replacements each day, along with one self-prepared meal that is both lean and green. We like to think of it as “Four and One.”

Here are a few examples of “lean and green” food choices:

  • A two-egg spinach omelet for breakfast or yogurt and some smoked salmon
  • Chicken or tofu salad for lunch
  • At dinner, a “palm size” piece of fish, meat, poultry or legumes

You can have three servings of fresh or cooked non-starchy vegetables. On average, you will consume 800-1200 calories a day on this program.

Each month you will meet with one of our supportive team members and receive educational resources and meal replacements.

What Does it Include?

The OPTIFAST plan includes a variety of drinks, nutritious bars, soups and your own “Getting Started” guide. You can use any of these products (four per day). Please note, foods that are not included in the program are corn, wheat, rice, potatoes or sugar products.

If you have medical conditions caused by being overweight, such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, lipids disorders or gastrointestinal conditions your PPO insurance may cover the costs of the meetings. Insurances do not cover the cost of meal replacement products.

Proven Results

The OPTIFAST partial meal replacement program has proven to be valuable for both weight loss and weight maintenance. Most patients lose 2-3 pounds per week during the first three months. Depending on the amount of weight needed to lose, a patient can lose 30-100 pounds.