At the Center for Health Promotion, we believe a healthy diet is at the cornerstone of personal wellness and vitality. That’s why we offer individualized visits with our expert staff to help you create specific dietary plans. You will be accountable for your eating and lifestyle behaviors as you continue to move forward in your treatment.

How Does it Work?

Individualized medical and/or behavioral health visits to address weight loss issues and lifestyle challenges. Pharmacotherapy and meal replacements options may be used if indicated.

Schedule & Fees

Scheduling of appointments can vary in frequency (weekly and/or monthly) depending on individual needs. For a medical provider visit, the cost is $128 for 30 minutes. For a nutrition/behavioral visit, the cost is $138 for 60 minutes and $106 for a follow-up visit at 30 minutes.

Cash or PPO billing options are available.

Dietary Restrictions

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. The Center is happy to provide a lacto-ovo vegetarian or total vegetarian diet.

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