Our Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group helps PH patients connect, learn and find hope. We help patients, families and caregivers of all ages cope with and manage pulmonary hypertension.

The group meets four times a year at the Drayson Center. The meeting room is wheelchair accessible and provides access to power outlets for oxygen concentrator use.

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Why Choose Our Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group

  • We’re the only pulmonary hypertension support group in the region.
  • PH expert Paresh C. Giri, MD attends every meeting to answer your questions.
  • You’ll find hope as you connect with other PH patients and hear their stories of hardship and triumph.
  • Experts including physicians, social workers and nutritionists help you learn how to live with PH.
  • We treat you to lunch and entertainment. Most meetings end with a fun activity or a performance from a local band.
Portrait of Dr. Paresh
“To hear from other people and what they’re doing to cope can often be eye-opening. There is certainly healing through sharing.”

Meeting Topics & Activities

Each meeting features lunch, a medical lecture, a Q&A session and usually an activity. 

We host a number of fun activities, including cooking demos, guided painting classes, local band performances, crafts and many more. We’ve found that participating in these activities side-by-side can break down barriers between patients, leading to helpful conversations. Patients have even found valuable avenues of expression and escape through our activities.

Informative lectures help you learn about life with PH. Some previous topics include:

  • Exercising with PH
  • Managing sodium intake
  • Patient journey through diagnosis and “Understanding My New Normal”
  • Patient journey through lung transplantation 
  • Caring for the caregiver
  • Emergency preparedness

Join Us at the Next Meeting

Whether or not you’re a patient at Loma Linda University Health, we invite you to join our Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group. For more information about the next meeting, call 909-558-2896.