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Flu Season Hospital Visitor Limitations

Temporary limitations are in place for hospital visitors. Visitors must be 18 years or older and not exhibit any flu symptoms.

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  1. Prenatal Care

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/mother-baby/our-services/prenatal-care
    Now that you know you’re expecting, the first step in preparing for your baby’s arrival is finding a provider that feels “just right.” At Loma Linda University Children’s Health, we think of our team as your partners during pregnancy. We provide the ...
  2. Labor & Delivery

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/mother-baby/our-services/labor-delivery
    At Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, we care for mothers and their children, even before they are born, with our award winning, high-quality maternity services. No matter the type of birth (vaginal or cesarean) or choice for un-medicated birth or ...
  3. Genetic Counseling

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/mother-baby/our-services/genetic-counseling
    If advanced pregnancy tests show something isn’t right or that your baby has a medical condition that’s been passed on from mom or dad, our genetic counselors provide the answers you need. They’ll help you understand your baby’s condition, how it may ...
  4. Neonatal Intensive Care

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/mother-baby/our-services/neonatal-intensive-care
    Whether you’re preparing to care for a newborn with complex needs, or unexpectedly find your baby headed to the NICU, our specialists will be by your side. Our neonatologists, pediatric neurologists, surgeons, specialty-trained nurses and specialists in ...
  5. Routine Care

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/general-pediatrics/our-services/routine-care
    As a parent, you worry about your child – it’s only natural. Loma Linda University Pediatrics can help ease that worry and serve as a partner in your child’s health. We fit into your family’s busy needs by providing well visits, vaccines, sports physicals ...
  6. Adolescent Care

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/general-pediatrics/our-services/adolescent-care
    As your child grows into a teen, we know questions and concerns about their health can also grow. You can count on our pediatric experts to help with the unique health needs that accompany adolescence. We’re a trusted partner for teens and their parents, ...
  7. Chronic & Complex Care

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/general-pediatrics/our-services/chronic-complex-care
    If your child has a complex or chronic medical condition — anything from diabetes to disabilities and life-threatening diseases — the experts at Loma Linda University Children’s Health are trusted partners. We’ll coordinate your child’s care and work ...
  8. Epilepsy

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/neurology/our-services/epilepsy
    You can be confident your child is receiving the best possible care at Loma Linda University Children’s Health. Home to one of the largest and most active pediatric epilepsy services in California, we offer a full range of evaluation tools and therapies ...
  9. Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injury

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/neurology/our-services/stroke-traumatic-brain-injury
    If your child is recovering from a stroke or brain and spinal cord injury, you can count on specialized treatment at the Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic. Our experienced team includes internationally recognized experts who are ready to provide the ...
  10. Cerebral Palsy & Movement Disorders

    Loma Linda University Children's Health pagehttps://lluch.org/neurology/our-services/cerebral-palsy-movement-disorders
    Movement disorders are neurological conditions that cause abnormal physical movements, posture, or coordination. These disorders may be inherited or may be acquired by brain injury, inflammation, and other diseases. The child neurology specialists at Loma ...