Our neurosurgery programs have helped many patients get back to living a full life again. We are honored to share their stories.

Andrea Whieldon

Mark Ard

When Mark Ard, a medical student at Loma Linda University, injured his back, he did what comes naturally for a student: He researched the best place to get treated and chose surgery through the Department of Neurosurgery.


Eduardo Ocegueda

To anyone who has the same problem as me, I would recommend they come to Loma Linda University Health. I am grateful to them, and this is my personal advice to my Hispanic brothers.


Angelica Perez

Angelica reflects on how her whole life changed after brain tumor surgery, giving her renewed hope and getting her dancing again.


Stephen Gordon

I had a bad back from arthritis and cartilage that grew. I live in Visalia, CA and drive over 300 miles to Loma Linda University Health to see the best doctors. Loma Linda also saved my wife when every hospital said they could not. After my surgery, I still come back for EVERYTHING because Loma Linda is WORTH IT.


"I am beyond grateful with the care that I have received at Loma Linda University Health from the amazing staff. Dr. Boling saved my life, and the staff is amazing."
"I had migraines that halted my recovery. Dr. De Los Reyes suggested the removal of two nerves in my brain. After surgery, I no longer experience headaches! I can now progress in my recovery thanks to the staff at Loma Linda University Health."
"I received a second opinion from Dr. Pillai and have been happy since day one. I am now free of pain and moving with ease since my procedure. I have had the most positive experience at Loma Linda University Health."
"Dr. Kim is very caring, personable and a great communicator. She is well educated, listens and answers all of my questions. Dr. Kim and staff exceeded all of my expectations. Merci beaucoup!"
"During a vulnerable and fighting time, Dr. Minasian and her team made us feel safe and confident. We are blessed to have a phenomenal team of medical professionals by our side for our son’s surgery."
"Dr. Pillai is an experienced and knowledgeable doctor. We appreciate the care he put into my treatment."
"I had been living with chronic pain for a long time. Dr. Sen helped alleviate it."
I was diagnosed with two soft tissue masses on my forehead. Dr. Sen removed the two masses. I had a slight headache after the surgery. But after that absolutely no pain and no bruising. The incision healed quickly and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Sen, his staff and the hospital did a wonderful job. Everyone was most supportive, positive and professional. Thank you Dr. Sen for everything!