We have a compact core faculty. However we do have immense resources to augment our teaching programs. We collaborate with other divisions/departments.

Other faculty involved in the training of our fellows include:

Volunteer faculty of the LLU Division of Rheumatology
Dr. John Rambharose, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Euly Sharifi-Langga, Assistant Professor
Dr. Emmanuel Katsaros, Clinical Associate Professor, former Program Director
Dr. Ioana Moldovan, Assistant Professor
Dr. Sheri Hsu, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Susan Enloe-Whitaker, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr Michael Finley, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr Marven G Cabling, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr Elizabeth Rook

Dr. Kimberly Payne, Chief/Head, LLU Translational Research; Associate Professor (Secondary appointment in Rheumatology)
Dr. Abigail Benitez, Transplantation Immunology (Secondary appointment in Internal Medicine)
Dr. Abby Weldon, Immunology, School of Pharmacy (Secondary appointment in Internal Medicine)
Dr. Carlos Cassiano, Associate Professor (Secondary appointment in Rheumatology)
Dr Michael De Vera – Transplantation Research – in collaboration

Pediatric Rheumatology
Dr. Wendy De la Pena, Assistant professor
Dr. Rhina Castillo, Assistant professor
Kim Rawson, PhD, Pediatric Rheumatology

Musculoskeletal Radiology
Dr Allison Blackburn
Dr. Peter Pham
Dr. Sam Randall
Dr. Alexander Chien

Dept of Orthopedics – there are many of them but the key people are:
Dr. Gary Botimer, Chair of Orthopedics
Dr. M Wongworowat
Dr. Chris Jobe

Allergy and Immunology
Dr Yu-Luen Hsu, Allergy and Immunology

Medical Education, Medical Education Research, Faculty Development
Dr. TM Kashner, VA Loma Linda, CASE
Dr. Larry Loo, Vice Chair, LLU Dept of Medicine

Dr. Bryan Tsao, Chief, Department of Neurology
Dr. Laura Nist, program director, Neurology residency program

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Mary Kim, Program Director, PM&R residency program
Dr Justin Hata, Vice Chair for Education, PM&R

Osteoporosis – clinical and research
Dr Susan Hall, VA Loma Linda, LLU FMO Osteoporosis Clinic

Dr. Nancy Anderson (Residency Program Director)

Ultrasound, Medical Education
Dr. Vi Dinh, Pulm-Crit Care and ER Attending, Director - LLU School of Medicine Simulation Center