Welcome to the Preventive and Occupational Medicine Combined Residency at Loma Linda University! This brand new combined program offers an exciting opportunity for completing both a Preventive Medicine and an Occupational Medicine residency in 3 years post internship. We are pleased to be the first three-year curriculum formally approved by the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM).

The mission of the program is to train outstanding, double board-certified physician leaders who are excellent in the field of Environmental and Occupational Medicine in addition to Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Population Medicine, and Public Health.

Preventive and Occupational Medicine combined program residents spend half of their training time in Preventive Medicine and half of their time in Occupational Medicine. Our program offers the full spectrum of occupational medicine and urgent care experiences through the Loma Linda University Occupational Medicine Residency Program, and a comprehensive exposure to population-based care and health-care systems through the Loma Linda University Preventive Medicine Residency Program. Residents are required to obtain a Masters of Public Health degree during the residency. Residents who have already completed the MPH degree can enter the program with minimal additional course work. Completion of the combined program provides residents with the qualification to meet the ABPM eligibility requirements for board certification in both Occupational Medicine and Preventive Medicine.

If you are interested in Occupational and Environmental Medicine with strong skills in Preventive Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Population Medicine, Employee Wellness and Health Promotion, Quality Improvement, and outcome-based patient care then you should consider applying to our program.