The following assignments are made to the individual residents for each year of their training program.

PG-1: Oncology, ER, Gynecology, L/R Obstetrics, OB Night Float, REI, FPMRS, RUHS Ambulatory OB/GYN.
PG-2: Obstetrics, Gyn/Clinic, Gynecologic Oncology/Breast Clinic, Surgical ICU, OB Night Float, OB (RUHS), GYN Night Float.
PG-3: RUHS Gynecology, High-Risk Obstetrics, OB & GYN Night Float, Research Elective/Family Planning, Malawi International.
PG-4: High-Risk Obstetrics, Benign Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, FPMRS, Outpatient Obstetrics, OB & GYN Night Float.