• Develop skills in organization and implementation of short term international emergency expeditions such as: site and team selection, liability, supply logistics, travel arrangements, financial management of expedition funds, and overall expedition logistics
  • Successfully serve as expedition coordinator for two or more international expeditions
  • Learn to work with the ministry of health for respective developing countries to allow the most lasting benefit from short term mission expeditions
  • Develop skills as an academician through research, independent study, and teaching roles
  • Develop skills in disaster medicine as related to international emergency medicine
  • Gain knowledge of internationally acquired infectious diseases
  • Increase understanding of the preventive aspects of international travel health
  • Establish guidelines for pre-travel immunizations and illness/injury prevention
  • Develop the proficiency to assess international health systems and identify essential health issues
  • Develop the necessary ability to implement emergency medicine programs abroad and integrate them with existing health systems
  • Learn to evaluate the effectiveness of international health programs
  • Develop methods of fund raising for international mission expeditions

Disaster drill, Czech RepublicImprovised pharmacy, Kenya
Top - Disaster drill, Czech Republic; Botton - Improvised pharmacy, Kenya